Our Voice

We are highly pleased to introduce ourselves as M/s. Hi Nepal International ( P.) Ltd., a group of Nepalese entrepreneurs working in the field of foreign employment committed to bridge the aspirations of both the Nepalese human resources of various categories and foreign employers residing especially in Gulf region and Malaysia .


M/s. Hi Nepal International ( P.) Ltd. has been formally established in Nepal with the view to assist the process of nation building in broad perspectives. Various studies on national economy have very significantly established the role of foreign employment on economic growth of the nation. With this backdrop, we, as a company focused on that particular area of importance, have envisaged to add our calibers enhancing the progressive indices of the economic growth through providing the fully contented services to foreign employers as per their requirements. This is what we are exactly moving for. So, basically, this company has been established with the clear objective to support Government of Nepal in diagnosing the root causes of escalating unemployment problems; and addressing those by exploring massive employment opportunities abroad for large number of unemployed people. The dream strongly maintains connection with realization that the unemployment is posing a serious threat for the country's future. Today, our dream has come true with the establishment of M/s. Hi Nepal International ( P.) Ltd.. We are proud to announce the well structured form of company comprising a visionary management and much dedicated and competent team members. We have a firm commitment to meet the demand for the supply of quality manpower in the International labor market. This would reciprocate the interests of employee and the employer in benefit of both the sides.